How To Write The Perfect “Thank-You” Page (With Examples)

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Here, we will teach you what to include in a Thank-You Page, what to put in the header and footer sections, and what the text message should be along with some examples that you can use as a guide in creating your own Thank-You page. Let’s dive right in.

Learning how to write the perfect Thank-You Page is crucial to the success of your marketing campaign and business.

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Whether you believe it or not, your Thank-You page can drive you more conversions. You can position your Thank-You page as a medium to guide your potential customers down the sales funnel.

While you can simply put a quick “Thank-You” message, taking a little step further will not hurt your overall strategy. Instead, it can potentially drive your business to greater success.

Rear view of business woman hands busy using laptop at office desk, with copyspaceWriting The Perfect Thank-You Page That Further Converts

Your Thank-You page is where you show to your prospects and customers that you deliver what you have initially promised. It is usually where you tell your landing page visitors how they can access the desired information and set up all future expectations just like how often you will send a newsletter or what stuff you will send them.

It is also through your Thank-You page where you can show your customers you are always ready to provide value time and time again after taking them to your landing page.

In addition to expressing gratitude for taking the desired action, you can give out additional resources to further build trust and authority, allow them to connect with you on social media, or turn them into a brand advocate.

The best part? You can bring them down the funnel to increase your chances for conversion - sales conversion to be exact.

With your Thank-You page, you have the chance to further engage your target customers, upsell them with other offers, then move them down to the bottom of your sales funnel before they click away. The best way to write a perfect Thank-You page is to first determine what you want your visitor to do next. Once you are clear with the next action, you can then proceed to designing the layout.

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Basic Structure of a Thank-You Page

A perfect Thank-You page must have the Thank-You message, the details of the conversion, brand contact details, and a clear Call-to-Action which can be effectively incorporated by following the basic structure of a Thank-You page.

TY Mock Up - Thank You Mock Up - Transparent1. Header

You already know where the header should be. But you should know what to put on the header section to build a powerful Thank-You page that further converts. We recommend adding your business logo and website link in this section to provide options to visitors on what to do next.

2. Footer

Your footer may seem an insignificant part of the layout, but it can host valuable details like the links to your privacy page, contact us, and terms and conditions page if applicable. It is also in the footer section where you can add links to your social media pages.

3. Thank-You Message Text

The perfect Thank-You Message Text includes the following:

a. The obvious “Thank-You” message

This is where you thank the prospect or customer for taking an action or confirm the action being done.

Show some energy on your Thank-You page by throwing out power words such as “Congratulations”, “Success”, and “Hurray” to give out a positive vibe and to let your customer or prospect feel appreciated or wanted.

b. Details of the Conversion

A perfect Thank-You page should have clear details of the conversion if there is further instruction to be taken. Be specific on what your visitors should do and how to do it.

Explain briefly the details of the conversion and what they should expect next from your side such as an immediate phone call, verification email, SMS, etc.

c. Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

CTAs can be a simple text to guide the user on what to do after the conversion or it could also be a power button to walk the customer down to a potential sales conversion.

Communicate if any further action is required, such as stating any guidelines a user must follow. For instance, a thank-you page must state if a user needs to carry an ID proof to collect tickets at the theatre counter, and so on.

What should the visitor do next? This should define the goals of your thank-you page. Also keep in mind to place your CTA above-the-fold. You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your prospects before they close the page. Thus, always place your CTA or important text above the fold.

Your CTA can be asking for referrals, social shares, authority demonstration, discount offers, lead nurturing, upselling services or products, surveys.

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6 Perfect Examples of a Thank-You Page

Now that you already know the basic structure of the Thank-You page, it’s time to learn further on how to write a perfect Thank-You page that really captures attention and drives your customers or prospects down the bottom of the sales funnel.

Below are examples of Thank-You pages to help you. Select one that matches your needs and add your own personal style.

1. Asking for Social Shares

Do you want to connect to your audience or do you want to increase social media engagement? Then, add social sharing buttons. Invite them to follow you on social media or encourage them to share your valuable resource or whatever it is you want them to share.

Adding social media icons to your site visitors is one of the best ways to push repeat conversions and increase social media engagement just like the sample below from KickResume allowing subscribers to easily share their eBook via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Messenger.

thank you page example for ebook

2. Cross-Selling Products or Services

As business owners, we desire more conversions, especially sales conversions. One way to increase your sales apart from your landing page and online store is through your Thank-You page where your customers are at the peak of their buying decision, the time in which they most likely convert again.

Offer your customers vouchers or discounts when they make additional purchases. You can also show your top-selling products or most recommended services just like how Bliss showcases their popular products on their Thank-You page below.

thank you page example for cross selling

3. Nurturing Leads

If you require a double opt-in from your subscribers, you may need a Thank-You page like the one below.

thank you page example for nurturing leads

As part of writing a perfect Thank-You page, you should have a clear CTA to let people know what they need to do and if there are further actions to be taken just like clicking a verification link sent via email to complete the process.

Another smart thing you can do is to tell your prospects to contact you in case they don’t receive an email from you or if they encounter any issues when downloading your files.

4. Asking for Referrals

Another smart way to gain more customers is through referrals. Many business owners believe that when a customer is satisfied with the business, he will be more than happy to share it with his family and friends.

According to a study conducted by Ogilvy, around 74% of people identify word-of-mouth as one of the key influencers in purchasing decisions. It is no surprise most businesses invest in a “refer a friend bonus” program just like the one below from Hubspot.

thank you page example for asking for referrals

5. Adding Testimonials

What’s more effective to demonstrate authority and integrity than adding testimonials to your Thank-You page just like the one below by Best Fitness. Moreover, adding testimonials helps convince people to trust your brand and take further action.

thank you page example using reviews

6. Linking to Most Popular Content

Another way to make use of your Thank-You page is to link to your most popular content on your website. Your popular content won't only help your visitors as an additional resource but would also keep them engaged on your site and increase the probability of checking on your content just like what Groove did as shown in the image below.

thank you page example to share content

Linking to your blog’s popular content also helps demonstrate your authority in the business industry.


A truly effective Thank-You page doesn’t simply have a message, it is well-planned and structural. Most importantly, it can be a springboard to a new conversion.

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