9 Ways To Build High Conversion Landing Page Design Using Trust

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For a customer to make a purchase, they first have to trust your product or service. But what if you are trying to gain their trust using your landing page? How are you going to use the small space to compel your prospect to hand over his valuable information through your landing page form within a short stretch of time?

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As consumers ourselves, we don’t easily give out our trust to anyone - much less to a company we are not familiar with.

Nevertheless, there are just some things that make our decisions automatically go counterclockwise. When we see them, we don’t even have to think it through. Sometimes, it just hits us instantly - and boom! We click that checkout button.

Great business owners know this. They know that there are certain things that could help convince the customers to trust them and eventually make that desired conversion as soon as they get to the landing page.

So, what are these things that make people tick? Let’s check them out.

You don't need to use all nine methods, just select enough to build trust!

Powerful Ways to Build Trust on Your Landing Page

No matter the purpose of your landing page, it has to gain the desired conversion to be truly useful. But first, it has to also gain the trust of the visitor.

Your landing page has to persuade the prospects that your product or service is the real deal - that you are the solution to their problem.

Here are 9 ways on how to gain your potential customers’ trust using your landing page design.

1. Provide social proof

One of the easiest ways to build trust on your landing page is by providing social proof. This is definitely what we highly recommend that you use on your landing page.

You can do this by showing unique testimonials or reviews of your customers and business partners who have trusted you. Go to your Google web page and grab some online reviews that you have collected so far.

What makes testimonials or reviews really effective is the security it gives to the visitor that they offer would really benefit them and not harm them because someone has already tried it. Once a new visitor sees that someone has used the product and had a good experience, he would definitely use the product, too.

If you haven’t collected any testimonials as of yet, ask some of your happy customers. If they are satisfied with you, they will certainly be happy to write positive reviews.

If no one has used your product or service yet, give away your product or service in exchange for testimonials. Look for someone who can benefit from your thing, maybe an expert or respectable person who knows you and has expertise in your niche.

See the below example, how Asana included the testimonials on their landing page.

Testimonial example for landing page design

2. Show your experience

Aside from providing social proof, this is actually what most successful businesses do - they talk about their experience.

Clever business owners know that by talking about their longevity in the industry, what they do, and how they made it to this day, they would be able to gain the trust and loyalty of their target customers.

So when building your prospects’ trust on your landing page, talk about how long you have been doing your business and your background. If you are selling a product, talk about how long it has been in the market and how it beat the competition.

Show your target audience that you are capable by showing them the number of people you have helped before them. If your business is new, talk about how you tested your products and show them the results.

While you might already be doing this technique on your websites and social media pages, you can definitely apply this on your landing page.

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3. Show them who you are

We all have this tendency that if we are interested in a certain thing, we want to know the person involved in it. In business, we also have this tendency to want to know the person working behind the business.

No matter the size of the business, we just want to know who they are, what they look like, and what they usually do in their daily lives. It’s our nature and we can’t deny that.

This is where you, the business owner, can show them who you are. While it is a strategy to gain your target customers’ trust, it does not mean you have to fabricate information.

You don’t have to be an open book though. You just have to give them something to hold onto.

Now, this does not refer to only you, the owner, but also the people who work with your business. They could be your staff or your partners who promote your brand. Your employees or partners can be the motivator to get your prospect’s trust and even his valuable information.

What makes this truly effective is the level of intimacy it exudes towards the people. By showing your target customers who you are and sharing your employees’ photos, you give off approachable and trustworthy vibes to them.

Showing the people who you are, gives them a feeling that they know you and that they are close to you. This kind of feeling triggers a sense of trust in them, by adding using your own photos as landing page hero image.

4. Be a resource

One of the effective ways to gain a person’s trust is by giving out extra helpful information. You can do this on your landing page, too. Be a resource of valuable information.

By sharing bits of information, you show your authority and integrity in the industry. This could trigger your target customers to trust you as they see that you are truly capable of helping them with their problems.

You can definitely use this strategy on your sales pages, even before you get their email or hard-earned money. Once they begin to rely on you, actual conversion will follow.

5. Reverse risk

Reverse risk is done by making realistic promises or guarantees. While it may not seem a feasible strategy, it truly works.

Reverse risk removes the risk from the customers and places it straightforwardly on you. If the customer is not satisfied with the product, he doesn’t lose anything, you do.

What makes this strategy effective is the guarantee that your offer or solution is definitely the real deal. Your boldness to shoulder the responsibility will help you gain your prospect’s trust.

6. Certification logos

Who has gone to restaurants and looked at the certificates hanging on the wall? I bet we all did. Then, we begin to fully trust the restaurant’s ability to serve us delectable and clean food.

Same in landing pages, certificates help us to promote our integrity to our potential customers. By showing certification logos, we are telling them that we are truly capable and trustworthy.

These certification logos can definitely contribute to building your landing page credibility and trust. When your prospects see the logos from prominent organizations, they feel more at ease with your business.

So, if your business is accredited by an official industry body, include their logos on your landing page. Just ensure that the logos you include are relevant and well-known within the sector to impress your target customers.

7. Security badges

Just like certification logos, security badges greatly help in building trust.

Online customers always want to have the assurance of trust and safety. You can give them that by also using security badges, especially, if you will be asking their credit card information.

Since your landing page is more than likely going to be selling something, you need to demonstrate you can be trusted. In other words, since you will be exchanging their hard-earned money for your service or product over the internet, you have to show that you are not going to take their money for nothing or expose them to identity theft.

By displaying security badges like VeriSign and Better Business Bureau that provide safe online shopping, you demonstrate to shoppers about your safety standards which could in turn increase conversions.

example of trust logos for landing page

8. Supply Endorsements

This one is some sort of a social proof but focuses more on the promotion by brands you work with. This can also be endorsements by celebrities who command a high-level degree of acknowledgment among the people.

This kind of strategy is effective because it connects with a lot more people because people easily notice famous personalities or brands.

Endorsement example for landing page design

9. Display press mentions

Display press mentions is another effective strategy to build trust on your landing page. If your brand or product has been mentioned by the media before, you can include what was said about your brand or product and by whom.

Press mentions work the same as endorsements. It’s just that the promotion at this time is through the press.

Press mentions tell your visitor to believe your offer because a high-profile media trust your brand’s product or service.

Showing brand example to build trust


Gaining a person’s trust within just a few minutes on your landing page may not seem an easy feat. But by employing the above-mentioned proven strategies, you can definitely win the trust of your prospects.

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