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Introducing Brisbane and gold coast businesses to a game-changing business purpose with the 107+google adwords campaign options and settings, you are literally being handed access to some of the most high end marketing tools that employ the most precise targeting techniques that ensures that businesses are in direct contact with their ideal market as long as the people from this market pool use the internet ranging from a 5km radius to practically anywhere in the world.

A lot of marketers that employ the internet as a means to connect with new customers have been known to use this powerful and very consistent marketing tool but only after succeeding in adequately understanding how to use it correctly and how it can work to the advantage of their business. This method of increasing your customer base could get very expensive if you do not know how to take into account your ROI. Smart money’s the most expensive Google Adwords in Australia gives a great illustration.

With Google adwords, businesses are given the aggregate power to target and connect with a vast pool of customers, running in the tens of thousands per month. The fantastic location targeting technology employed by Google Adword allows you to target very specific areas like your local city, town, state or even country, and at the same time, giving you full autonomy of your monthly advertising budget.


Google Adwords Packages

Google Ads Packages

Our Google Ads Management Packages are for businesses who are wanting:

  • To increase their market reach or looking to break out a new product or service

  • To cut down on the overall amount spent for a click and monthly adword spend

  • To highlight on the approximate cost of each lead and each acquisition

  • To cut down on time spent on getting updated on new technology and latest trends.

Optimizing Service (starting $350 per month (+GST))   

You are covered with our daily budget checks, a weekly performance review and the A/B ads testing for the improvement of click through rates hence reducing the overall cost per sale which is carried out monthly.

Creating a Campaign (starting from $960 (+GST))  

This rapid deployment makes it possible to measure the success or failure of a new product/service faster than most other marketing methods. This speed makes it a great tool for any business wanting to test the marketing of a new product/service; or grow their business' locations.

Why our Google Adwords Management Process Gets Results


You work hands in hand with our Google Adwords manager to review your Adwords account and website url putting in place your goals and outcomes. The Google Adwords consultant working with you oversees your Adwords accounts, reacting to its warnings and alerts on possible outbid of keywords by your competition as well as other issues that may come up


Each week we save you time by reviewing and:

  • Taking action on low quality score keywords, a low-quality score of a keyword implies a poor relevance of the ad to the landing page

  • Running a review to highlight and exclude non-relevant keywords.

  • Ensure working web pages, making sure that there are no errors and report back to you the client.

Once a month, we review your ad performance with your directive, and if need be, make minute changes that would further enhance your Adwords campaign performance. This process may involve:

  • The restructuring of keywords into different ad groups and in turn improving the quality score

  • Crafting of new text ads for the split testing and ultimately improve overall click-through-rate

  • Recommend changes that would further improve landing pages and ultimately conversion rates and insights to help your content marketing

  • Include new keywords to improve the search performance depending on what the client's goals are

  • Include ad extensions for an improved ad performance which is also dependent on the client's goals


For the New Adwords Campaign

  • Our Adwords consultant contacts you for a discussion to understand your business product/service and marketing goals for the new campaign. The budget for the marketing project is discussed.

  • A landing page with a direct call to action is required for each product or service we market; a promotional offer can also be added. The meeting will help determine all the requirements including location and devices.

  • Our google Adwords consultant will require access to your Adwords account; we usually create one for you if you have none.

  • 7 to 15 keywords are identified to make up the ad groups after the keyword analysis is done.3 text ads are written for each ad group. Each product or service usually gets 2 to 3 ad groups.

  • Senior account manager proofread and quality check the ads and keywords. Once your campaign is set up, your account is reviewed after the first 24 hours and also on the third day. The final campaign is then moved to the optimizing service.



Adwords FAQ


When to Use Google Adwords?

With Adwords, you get a direct way to connect web traffic with your business in as little as 24 hours and when done the right way, it is one of the most affordable and effective pay-per-click marketing methods, giving you flexible budgeting options with detailed performance metrics. It’s usually best to use Adwords when:

  • You need a great alternative to get web traffic to your business when your organic SEO traffic is yet to kick in

  • A/B split testing when it comes to new keywords for SEO and content marketing

  • Looking to put out new products or services

  • Holiday retail promotion like Christmas sales etc.


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