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Certified partners are ready to help you with your HubSpot onboarding.

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Now that you have gotten yourself a HubSpot subscription, we know you can’t wait to start using the software to execute your Inbound Marketing Strategy. But you will have to set up your HubSpot portal in order to be able to get it done and that’s where we come in. Our team of affordable and certified partners are ready to help you with your HubSpot onboarding.

Whether you are running HubSpot Professional or HubSpot Enterprise, we will help you process all the different tasks you are required to have completed before you can set up your portal such as:

  • Import Contacts and leads into HubSpot: If you have previous contacts or leads that you acquired through marketing or promotions, we will help you import any of those contacts you want to retain into your HubSpot.
  • Adding new members of your team
  • Setting up of your tracking code: your tracking code needs to be set up on your website so that you can monitor new visitors to your website and determine how they are being directed to your website –organic, email, social media, direct marketing etc.)
  • Ignore your personal website traffic from entering the analytics data: unless you do this, your website's analytics are going to be inflated with false data from the visits of you and your workers. That’s why we have to screen out your internet IP address from your HubSpot reporting.
  • Create your subdomain: Since HubSpot allows you to either host your entire site on our platform or just your blog and landing pages, your subdomain is an extension of your website that has to be created so you can make use of the tools for the Blog and Landing pages embedded in your portal.
  • Link your social media accounts: Your social media pages are some of the best ways to spark some interest about your business from those in your circle. Our team of partners will help make your onboarding experience by linking your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest directly to your HubSpot domain. 
  • Exchange Forms: We will also help you load your website with new HubSpot forms to replace any old forms you currently have.
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The Cost for Setup

Our fees for setting up a HubSpot Portal amount to a total of $1400 (+gst) for both HubSpot Basic and HubSpot Professional platforms. If you are running HubSpot Enterprise, please send us an email or on call us on 1300 887 865 for the current pricing. Take advantage of this all-time low pricing today and get the best HubSpot professional and HubSpot enterprise onboarding available in the industry.


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