Using These 7 Words Will Help You Close More Inbound Sales Leads

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Welcome, today I'm looking at using seven words to help you sell more and close your inbound sales leads faster.

But first let me ask you, Is selling more of an art or a science?

Inbound Sales Leads

To answer the question I find it is easier to ask, is what's the difference between art and science? Simply art is more about the emotion (the relationship), while science is more about how & why (your technique).

I want to really highlight for you that there are many, many types of sales training programs that you can do. Most of them will teach you the technique. And that's why I have seen so many business owners jump into a sales training program and they learn technique but they don't understand why it didn't work for them when they go to apply it. Then they will blame the sales training process.

Quite honestly, all the sales training programs that I've seen, they're all great. It has more to do with you and your belief systems. We have certain habits, traits that will create a disconnect with the client or your prospect that you are speaking with. I wanted you to keep in mind that there are things that we can change and then there are things that we can't. Success come when we ask ourselves - are we're happy to change?

When we get honest with ourselves, we'll see the techniques that work for us and the techniques that don't work for us. We use and recommend HubSpot CRM for sales and many of our clients has seen an increase in sales performance.

7 Words Inbound


So, let's jump right into the seven magical words, that I like

1. You

We normally start to talk using words like me, I, our product or service. And, in context, when we're speaking to another person, it's all about them. So use the word "you" more often than I or me. When writing use the word I, or me, or our with the word "you". Use the ratio 1 as to 3 (ie for every I, me, our use the word "you" 3 times). For speaking listen to how you are speaking and make sure to use the word "you" once every minute.

2. Value

Customers don't really care about the features, talk about the benefit. The benefit being "what's in it for them?", "How does this help them?". Often we don't really dig deep enough to highlight the value in terms the prospect can imagine or see themselves using the benefits in your discussion.

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 Inbound Sales Leads

3. Changing the word "but"

Quite often, everything that we say and then we attach a "but" that negates everything that we just said beforehand. The word "but" play's with prospect mind and takes it away from what we are saying.

Classic example "I see that you only have a budget of $5000, but let me show you why our system at $10,000 is better."

Better to say "I see you've got a budget of $5000, and let me show you how our system, at $10,000, can benefit you more."

4. Imagine

Is all about helping somebody see how your product or service can help them. Storytelling is very easy to remember and we all love stories. You might start with "Imagine you're like Suzie, who's just recently travelled to Hawaii, and has come back with an awesome suntan."

Using the word imagine at the beginning of the story helps the other person to visualise themselves as part of the story.

5. Use their name

It's very powerful. It's very similar to word "you". For example just simply saying, "David, would you like to buy that now?"

6. Because

Is a very interesting, powerful word and technique is to give a reason. For example image, you're standing in a line and somebody comes up to you and says, "Can I cut in front of you?" - You probably won't let them, right.

Let's change that with "Can I cut in front of you because I'm running late for work?" Now, how do you feel, 20% of the population will typically say yes simply because you added a reason.



7. Opportunity

Prospects already know what their problems are. It's your job to tell them how you're going to fix it because they want the problem solved. So, instead of saying, "Look, I see you're hungry." replace it with "I see you're ready for a mouthwatering pizza." It's about positioning the service or the opportunity for them.

That's the seven tips, if you've got any comments and suggested power words please share them.



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