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Quiz - Inbound Marketing May (Not) Be Right for Your Organisation

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Quiz - Inbound Marketing May (Not) Be Right for Your Organisation


As strange as it may sound, the truth is not all organisations can and should try inbound marketing. This is why an organisation must do sufficient background check before deciding to tow that path. Luckily, we are about to make this more fun, with this special inbound marketing quiz. 

We are all about helping you get to know your ideal customer better, as evident in the quiz questions. To make things quicker and easier for everyone, here are two types of buyers explained. These different scenarios will give you a clearer perspective of why the quiz is structured as such.


Buyer A is a family man with a spouse and three kids in high school.  This 44-year-old professional accountant likes exercising and going on vacations with his family when he gets the chance. His firm comprises five other partners, and together, they meet clients’ needs. To make things easier for everyone, his team is considering office automation. Perhaps, this will help Buyer A create some time off work for his family, and strike a balance between work and personal lives. 

Buyer 2 is a 35-year old mother with two daycare-bound children in her life. In addition to managing three sales staff as a professional Account Manager, she oversees client retention and account sales. She loves outdoor activities and all the fun that come with them. When she is not camping, she is attending dinner parties with friends and families. However, the demands of work mean she is somewhat restricted in pursuing her off-work interests, including spending time with her children. She’s stuck with work even after work hours, thanks to constant calls and inquiries from clients.

Inbound Marketing Quiz

With these buyer personas of the ideal customer in mind, attempt the inbound marketing quiz below. There are three options for each question – Yes, No, or Unsure. Get your answers now, and we will discuss them later.



Quiz Questions  





Do you charge more than $500 on an average for your product or service?



Are your products available for direct shipping? If your business offers instore services – medical clinic, restaurants, or cafes, kindly answer ‘No’



Are your products or services available for purchase online?



Do your customers rely on the internet or mobile phone to discover or learn about your products or services?



Are there over three staff in your marketing and sales department?



Do you consider direct mail, door-to-door, and telemarketing overly expensive or ineffective marketing methods?



Do you consider TV, newspaper, and radio overly expensive or ineffective marketing methods?



Do you consider walk-by-traffic or signage that attracts customers that walk past your shop overly expensive or ineffective marketing methods?



Do your main competitors leverage the social media to make sales – LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook?



Do your key competitors leverage blogs on their websites to market their products and services?



Results of the Inbound Marketing Quiz

Let’s do the grading together. Each ‘Yes’ attracts a positive point, each ‘No’ attracts a negative point, while ‘Unsure’ attracts neither a negative nor positive point. The cumulative of these points should give you a value between -5 and +5. 

To explain these scores, we have drafted a scale that indicates whether you should consider inbound marketing for your business or not. Here is the scale and the interpretations: 

Negative Scores

 1. Scores between -5 and -3 

If your cumulative value falls between this class, it means Inbound Marketing is not ideal for your organisation. You fall into this class because your customers prioritise location over any other factor when choosing a business to work with. Such businesses usually deal in impulse buy products, including physical retail stores, cafes, giftware, hot and cold drinks, and takeaway food joints. Customers who patronise you usually make fast and unplanned decisions. The driving force is the timing and the environment you find yourselves. 

Hence, you must prioritise proper signage and location – anything to announce your presence to a potential customer. Email marketing and social media will not bring new customers in this situation; they can only help to retain existing ones or turn them into brand loyalists. 

2. Scores between -2 and 0

Businesses under this category will also do much better with Offline Marketing Methods. They include fashion stores, birthday present stores, restaurants, and home service providers, among others. Even though you can leverage specific inbound marketing tools and strategies, they will only complement the offline strategies. Potential customers will patronise (or not) if you are in the right location, available at the right time, or appear to meet the present demands of the customers at that point. 

The decision-making process here takes two to seven days for an average customer. To drive sales, you must get an excellent location and put proper signage in place. You can complement these with inbound marketing tools like local SEO, social media and online reviews, as well as paid advertising. These are necessary because your potential customers will rely on their findings from the internet, friends and colleagues, and social media to make a decision. 

Positive Scores

3. Scores between 1 and +2

If your score falls into this range, then you can consider inbound marketing as a more effective and affordable marketing solution for your business. Chances are your potential customers rely on the internet to make purchasing decisions. While there are several ways of doing this research, they prefer using mobile devices, after all, it is the most convenient option. Such customers will decide between two and seven days. The location influences their decisions. However, if they are impressed by the products, they have no problems with shipping. 

This class of businesses is dominated by new online retailers who are looking to avoid expensive traditional marketing methods such as door-to-door selling, media adverts, and telemarketing. Online retailers are the cheaper alternative to setting up a store in a mega shopping mall. Other members of this class include professional service providers – medical services, lawyers, and accountants, as well as B2B businesses. 

SEO remains the best marketing driver in this case. Working your way to the top of search engine results, alongside paid advertising, and social media and online reviews will get you the desired results. You may also create excellent blog articles that show what customers are missing out by not patronizing you. Real-time customer engagements via social media and email will also endear customers to you and influence their buying decision to your advantage. 

4. Scores between +3 and +5

Businesses within this range of scores should consider inbound marketing as the best way to reach and convert customers. Here, it takes not less than seven days or up to a year for a customer to make a purchasing decision. Despite the average selling price of over $500, most potential customers are unaware of the solutions these businesses bring to the table and how they can benefit from them. 

This class of businesses is dominated by B2B products and service providers, professional service providers, cars dealers, real estate agents, health service and insurance providers, and travel consultants. Others are IT service providers, financial planning companies, and consultants. Considering the nature of these businesses, it is understandable why the customers need to be informed on how a product or service can be of benefit to them.

Businesses described above can combine various inbound marketing tools to achieve amazing results. For instance, SEO and paid advertising, combined with online product demos, and 3rd party reviews can bring great publicity. Email marketing and newsletters are great for nurturing and educating customers on why they need to patronize. It is all about putting the relevant information at their faces to show that they are missing out on great benefits and help from the businesses.  

Starting your Inbound Marketing Journey

You have made it thus far because your business had a positive score from the quiz. If yes, you are most likely finding answers to the question, “What next?” Let’s see the answer to this question together. 

Make an assessment.

Before starting your inbound marketing journey, do a thorough review of your previous or current marketing strategies for the last 12 months. The aim here is to see if you have any element of inbound marketing already integrated into your marketing strategy. It is common to see businesses leveraging certain inbound marketing aspects unknowingly, especially when their customers are social media users or internet enthusiasts. 

If this is the case, you may just need a few redirections to get the desired results, without necessarily adopting the full inbound marketing system. 

Get grounded in Inbound Marketing.

Contrary to popular view, inbound marketing is a vast and dynamic field. Anyone that wants to get the hang of it must be ready to go in search of relevant knowledge of the field. This is why we recommend that you immerse yourself in relevant resources – guides, articles, and case studies. Among other things, these materials will help you to decide if you really need to adopt inbound marketing in your business. 

l blog articles that explain the products or services benefits to customer. Also being able to engage customers in real time via phone, email and social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter to answer questions from customers can help them with their buying decision.

Here are some recommendations:

Get Further Assistance

Are you still unconvinced about inbound marketing? Do you seek clarifications to some unclear issues arising from these resources? Then you probably need professional help in reviewing your marketing strategy. Feel free to get in touch with us. We will be glad to help you to find your bearing and put your marketing on the right path. 

Schedule an Inbound Marketing Strategy consultation on the phone via (07) 5619 5250. Our friendly inbound marketing specialists are always on the ground to hear you out. This consultation will provide you with recommendations and an action plan to help you move forward. If you decide that inbound marketing is right for you and you’d like to engage our other services, we will credit this amount against any future work you may do with Crocodile Marketing.


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