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Announcing A New Marketing and Sales Practice Hub For Owners

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David McMahon
Announcing A New Marketing and Sales Practice Hub For Owners

practice-hub-postIf you want to grow your marketing or sales, where do you start?

It’s overwhelming for me even to think about, but it seems keeping my own and my staff skills current is one of things I need to do to ensure I achieve our targets.

Today I’d like to share one approach I used to keep my skill current and having some fun too!

I got the idea when I was volunteering for a local scout group, where leaders would select a skill for the children to master and turned it into a fun group exercise to practice.

So I tried this for myself and the team, with a few changes and fine-tuning, we implemented a fun weekly challenge. I know it works because I can see the results in the team.

So I honoured to announce with the support of the team, we have launched the new Practice Hub for you.

The Practice Hub is a place where you or staff members can come each week to find a new practice marketing or sales skill to work on in a group or by yourself.

If that sounds like something for you, you can learn more here.

Or if you are not sure if this is for you, you are welcome to come along and try the Practice Hub for 1 month free here.

Have an amazing day and may it be rewarding.

The Practice Hub

Each week our mentors provide in-depth, tailored practice exercises to help you stay current with the latest marketing or sales tactics in our technology changing world. You can ask questions, share ideas and collaborate in our private online group and attend the weekly online practice session via Zoom.

Practice In Small Groups or By Yourself

You are welcome to come along to the next marketing or sales practice event here

What is the Practice Hub?

The Practice Hub is a place where you or staff members can come each week to keep your marketing or sales skills current and having some fun too!

Each week the mentor will present a topic and exercise for you. Then we break into smaller groups using Zoom’s break rooms to practice and share ideas. If you miss an event or prefer to work by yourself, each topic is recorded, and posted to the private online group.



Where can you find a list of Practice events?

The upcoming practice topics are selected by the mentors in advance based on member feedback and are published in advance on our event calendar and in the private online group. You will also receive a weekly email all upcoming events to your inbox.

What happens if you miss a Practice event?

All practice events are recorded and shared into the private online group, normally a few hours after the event, where you can watch and complex the exercise yourself. You are welcome to post your practice into the private group for feedback and suggestions.

For privacy, only the mentor’s presentation will be recorded, group collaboration and discussion will not be recorded.

Can you do the Practice Exercise on my own?

Yes, you are welcome to either join online zoom meeting or

How is Marketing Practice different to Sales Practice?

The practice hub is broken into two main topics: Marketing and Sales. As the names suggested, the practice sessions are tailored to help you with common skills of each role. Marketing will focus on image design, advertising, copywriting, content creation and social media. While sales will focus on prospecting, networking, one-on-one sales meetings, follow-up etc.

Currently you can only join Marketing or Sales at one time, however you can change your membership anytime.

How long are weekly practice sessions?

1 hour. (Normal 20 mins for topic presentation, 30 mins for group practice, 10 mins Q&A)

Based on feedback we run practice sessions in the morning between 8am to 9am (AEST Australian Eestern Standard Time). All sessions are records and posted into group for people who not able to attend the session.

30 Day Free Trail of Marketing Practice Hub

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