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How to Hire a Freelance Writer for Inbound Marketing

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How to Hire a Freelance Writer for Inbound Marketing

OutsourcingOverall, studies show that business are publishing less frequently. Rather than churning out short, thin posts that shifting to longer and more in-depth posts that take a bit more to produce. Sooner or later in the life of a business owner, committed to great inbound marketing, is going to start the realization of "holy smokes!

This content creation creates an awful lot of writing." At this time, whether you are a professional, or a consultant, or engineer, or even a hair dresser the realization leads to the quick conclusion that you need help from a professional writer.

How do you go about finding it?


Especially if you're an engineer or someone who's a left-brain thinker. This might be like a quest to try to find a unicorn.

So, we're going to break it down for you on how to hire a freelance writer for your inbound marketing.

There are many websites like Upwork.com, where you can tap into a huge library of freelance writers around the globe to help you with this task. It all starts with understanding where the real costs for writers. If we look behind the curtain and understand that writers are good at writing. When it comes to putting together a blog article, there are two elements. There is the research component of the article and then there is the writing, putting that research into a story, into a context that people can understand and makes it interesting.

When you go to websites for freelance workers, caught up in the biggest mistake that the business owner can make is that they want the writers to be the expert as well, to do all that research. That's where you'll find the writers get very nervous. So, you get two types of writers; someone who sees the job and looks at it and realizes that they have no knowledge on that topic. If they are required to do the research as well, they are going to inflect the costs to ensure that they've got the time to put together an article.

The other side is sometimes people will they are trying to get the job; they'll underestimate the time on how long it will take to research. That will end up being that you'll get a poor quality article. The key here, and the best practices, is to understand to separate the two tasks. Break the jobs up into a research element and then a writing element.


Let's look at the research component.


CRM SystemThere are many people who are really good at just researching. Particularly, you can look at people who, English isn't their first language, so you can go to the Philippines, in India, or even in the Europe non-English speaking countries, where these people are really good, very technical, very good at researching, but no necessarily good at writing. So, to write a brief of the questions you would like them to research for you and to gather that information, treat that as one job. Approach it, put it in the headline when you post your job, is Research for Article. That will draw out all of those people who are very good at doing research.

Once you've got that research back, the key then is for you to disseminate it into what you agree with and what you believe will be of benefit to your audience. From there, it is then about writing a brief for the writer. Now, you want to post a job that you are looking for a writer of an article all research has been provided. So, what you're wanting to make sure is clear in your brief for the writer, is that they don't have to do any additional research. You will provide all of the content that they will need to write the article.

So, that's the pro-tip on using content writers, freelance writers.

Ensure that the writer knows what voice you're wanting to use.

When you're using a freelance writer, it's very important to ensure that the writer knows what voice you're wanting to use. Because, when you're writing on your blog article, it's important to include language and terminology that your reader is going to understand. That's important to provide the brief and a checklist for the writer to understand.

Be very clear, if you are wanting it to be written for a US audience, that they are going use American spelling. If you are writing for Australia or England, or those, that they are going to use British or UK spelling. That's the first things you need to ensure.

Secondly, look for any phrase words or any jargon terms that your reader is expecting. So, if you are normally speaking to marketing professionals, then refer to them as marketers. If you are referring to business owners, that's the word that you want the writer to use, business owner, when you own a business. These are all certain phrases. If you are talking to professionals who already work for large organizations, the language there, it's not their business, that is their organization. So, these little tweeks that you need to provide for your writer. It's very important to help give them your voice. If there certain terminology that you use within your company, it's important to explain that for the writer.

Now, while this all sounds complicated, the advantage is, that once you've done the work, you've got your template. You have your brief template. So, with that background information, you can repeat many times. So, if you are forced to use a different writer to meet your needs, that's where your article brief will help. You've got that templated version.

This is where it really pays to do your homework. The more detailed and background information you can provide to the writer and to the researcher, is going to pay dividends for you in the quality of the article that you receive back. A little reminder to understand, freelancers are looking for long-term work. That's why they're there. They like doing what they do and they love this international, global business. They are looking for long-term employers that can provide work for them.

If you are just starting out in content writing and using freelance writers, you're not going to be able to provide, may not be able to provide work for the writer on a consistent basis. But it's good if you can break it up, that you can give the writer regular work, even its just once a month. You're going to get them to write two or three articles. That's what they're looking for. So, look at batching up your content needs into a small job, where a writer can write maybe three or four articles for you as one job. Then do that each month. If you have more content requirements, even better.

Just always be aware that freelance writers are always looking for that regular work. So, you will find, over a period of 12 months, you might end up having to deal with different writers. Simply because, people who are active today, in six months' time, their world has changed. Just understand, by creating that sort of batching up the work into like jobs for the writer makes it more beneficial for them and in return, you will get a better price per article and per work done.

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