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How to create social media content to captivate your target audience

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Chloe Lethborg
How to create social media content to captivate your target audience
Why is managing social media posts so important?  How does Hubspot´s social media tool benefit you and your company?

If we take a step back and look at the bigger picture, we realize that one of the first things we need in relation to social media is a strategy. Keeping your business goals in mind and establishing a social media strategy you create optimized content for each social media channel. But once you have the content you need to manage how to post it and when to post it. This is where Hubspot marketing tools swoops in like a hero. Just when you think that managing posts is just another time-consuming hassle, Hubspot gives you everything you need when it comes down to this.

Social media nowadays is dominating the ways in which we communicate and receive information. We use it to be informed, entertained and to be connected. You have the power to create your own content and posts as well as shape the conversation around you. It´s your marketing channel that helps you access an unlimited amount of people that could help you grow your business.

Hubspot´s marketing tool helps you keep track of your previous posts as well as manage them. It helps you decipher which post got the most engagement by reviewing previously published posts to review the time the post was published and how many clicks and interactions the post received. Through this analysis you can identify what gets your public´s attention and establish a voice that dulls out the rest of the social media noise.

By monitoring social media and by social listening you can connect with people who matter. Hubspot integrates all your marketing with your CRM (Customer-relationship management). By managing your customer relationships, you can identify who are your current and potential customers. Not only can you see the number of visits, leads and customers your social media channels are producing, but Hubspot also assists when it comes to reporting social media ROI thus saving you and your company time and resources.

So, now we know what the Hubspot marketing tool is and how it can benefit your company or brand in numerous ways, where do you start?

Top View of Boot on the trail with the text Whats Your Next Step?

1. Have your content ready!

First things first, you need to have the content that you want to publish on your social media platforms ready. May this be text, blog posts, images etc. When it comes to content make sure you have content plan, this may be an excel sheet with a list of posts or blogs that you wish you post over the next coming weeks. One of pros of Hubspot is that you can easily share onto any network and build your campaigns

2. Schedule posts for each of your social media platforms

Now that you have the content ready to go the next step is to schedule posts for each of your social media platforms. Hubspot helps you schedule your social media posts in bulk. Meaning you can schedule posts for the weeks and months to come making it easier to keep on track on your social media content strategy and your business goals.

3.  Monitor the responses using the Hubspot monitoring tool

Once you have your content and you´ve scheduled your posts, the next step is monitoring the responses using the Hubspot monitoring tool. Hubspot not only makes posting on social media a breeze, but also helps you monitor the responses. Therefore, you can analyse which posts are getting the most engagement and how your target audience is responding to your content. What content worked best? Was is the the blog post ¨7 steps to improving your content strategy¨ or the video that explained these steps?

What about social mentions? You mean Hubspot keeps track of this as well!? Another part of the social media tool is that you can monitor social mentions and check who is talking about you and your company. By keeping track of this you can ensure that you communicate with those who matter, the real advocates for your brand. Or if something is wrong, your team can get right on responding to your client and resolving their problems. You can monitor hashtags therefore you can see how your campaign is performing and who is talking about it

4. Report on your social media ROI

Once you have created your content and posted it, you need to check on your return on your investment. Hubspot lets you see all activity for every social media account you have connected. You can see all the clicks, interactions, sessions, followers, contacts etc. and you can even see which posts performed the best. You can see the number of visits, leads and customers generated.

5. Creating a report for your team

Once you have all this information, Hubspot can turn this content into reports for your team, making it easy to improve in areas that you are lacking, or simply encourage your team and thank them for all their good work.

So, there you have it! You can post and monitor your social media, it’s an all-in-one type of package! This inbound marketing software has endless abilities and benefits, that´s just exactly the reason why we use it!


So, why not give it a try?

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