How To Generate Roofing Leads Using Google Ads Step-by-Step Guide

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I recently had my roof repaired and painted by a local roofing company. The contractor asked me whether Google Ads can generate affordable roofing leads for his company?

The reason why you are paying more for roofing leads is the labour cost. I did a little research and found the average salary of a digital marketing expert in US is $57,208 per year, while it takes less than 10 hours to learn Google Ads yourself. Given roofing leads for sale normally cost between $13 to $85 per lead, depending on location, because the roofing lead generation company needs to hire and pay for the labour to create and manage the roofing advertising. So, there is a big opportunity to save and to reduce your roofing leads by doing it yourself to save on the labour cost. Let’s look into what is involved and what you can do about generating roofing leads yourself.

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Before You Start To Generate Roofing Leads

Before you begin, you need to make sure that you have all the tools to make sure that the job is going to go fast for you and this will save a lot of time. There is an important term in Google Ads called an “ad group”.

In Google Ads, the term “ad group” is a group of 2 to 15 keywords linked to an ad and when a person clicks on the ad they are taken to a webpage (also called a landing page) where they can find more details and provide extra information on how to contact you, either by phone or completing a form. This is the lead generation process for roofing leads.

You typically have different ad groups for types of services that you offer your customers, however, your customers will not fully understand all the different services rather they are searching for what they think they are needing. This is why you typically have a different ad group for “roof restoration” and “roof repairs” because they are searching for what they think they need. A good roofing ad will normally include the search term (or keyword) in the ad, making it easy for them to find what they think they are needing.

Google ad example for roofing leads

When they click on the ad, it goes to the landing page to explain more and this is why the web page shows them what they are expecting. For if a person is wanting roof restoration and sees a lot of photos and words of roofs being repaired, they are going to get confused, leave and go to another website. I call this a wasted click and a waste of your money, simply because the landing page does not match the ad.

This is why it is important to have a landing page for each ad group. Sounds like a lot of work, but it doesn’t need to be when you have the right tools like a landing page editor where you clone the landing page, match a few minor changes in less than 10 mins and have a great landing page for each ad group and your new customer.

You're going to have many ad groups and landing pages for your lead campaign. So, instead of changing your website to create all of these different landing pages, I highly recommend that you use a landing page editor to help save you a lot of time.

To help you reduce your time and save on all the labour costs of hiring a lead generation firm, I recommend you spend the time following this guide:

Create Landing Pages Guide - Provide a list of tools and self-pace instructions to create landing pages with no coding and you don’t need to change your website. Here I recommend using HubSpot Landing Page Editor and it is free to get started.

As the owner of the roofing company, you may need to focus on other tasks, so you can always ask your spouse or junior staff member to manage the lead generation campaign for you. While this is a great idea and will save a lot of time, it is still important for you to learn the basics and guide them on the right keywords and check all the ads. To help check out the lead generation ebook here for other ideas on generating leads.

Select The Best Google Ads Keywords for your roof leads

As shown in the Google Ads training guide, you will see a keyword planning tool which makes it very easy for you to find keyword phrases that people are using to search for roofing services in your local area. I recommend that you focus on creating 5 ad groups first, because it can become very confusing and overwhelming when you're first starting out. The first 5 ad groups should focus on your main services such as roofing, you can come back to do your other services, like guttering, later.

Below, I have done the keyword research for you, in the table are the main ad groups for roofing, including the group keywords for you. Please check the volume of the monthly keywords using the Keyword Planning Tool to ensure there are people in your region searching using these words.

As shown in the Google Ads training guide, always use “phrase match”

Ad Group

Keyword Phrases

Roof General

roof installers, roof services, roofing companies, roofing contractors, roofing installers, roofing services

Roof Nearby

fix my roof, fix my roof near me, local roofers, local roofing, my local roofer, roof near me, roofers near me, roofing near me

Roof Repair

roof and ceiling repair, roof hole repair, roof leak repair, roof lining repair, roof repair, roof rust repair, roof sarking repair, roof structure repair, roof trim repair, roof underlay repair, roofing and repair, roofing repair

Roof Restoration

roof makeover, roof restorations, roofing and restoration, roofing restorations

Roof Painting

repaint colorbond roof, repaint roof, repainting metal roof, roof paint, roof painting, roof repainting, roof repairs and painting, roof tile painting

Here are optional ad groups that you can choose depending on your services, country and region

Ad Groups

Keyword Phrases

24-Hour Emergency

24 hour emergency roof repair, 24 hour roof repair, 24 hour roof repair, after hours roof repairs, after hours roofers, after hours roofing, emergency roof leak repair, emergency roof repair, emergency roofers, emergency roofing


commercial roof, commercial roof repair, commercial roof restorations, commercial roofer, commercial roofing, industrial roof, industrial roofer, industrial roofing

Roof Inspection

hail damage roof inspection, inspect a roof for leaks, roof damage inspection, roof engineer inspection, roof inspection, roof inspection and repair, roof inspector, roof leak inspection, roof mitigation inspection, roof sheathing inspection, skylight inspection, storm damage roof inspection

Professional Roofing

professional quality roofing, professional roof,

professional roofers, professional roofing, professional roofing and construction, roof specialist, roofers specialist, roofing specialist

Roof Cleaning

clean leaves off roof, cleaning tin roof, roof clean and seal, roof cleaners, roof cleaning, roof cleaning and restoration, roof leaf cleaning

Remember to add your negative keywords, as explained in the Google Ads Training Guide, and you also add any negative keywords for services you don’t offer. For example, if you don’t fix tiled roofs you can add the negative word “tiles” and this stops your ads from being shown to anyone who uses the word tiles, saving you money on wasted clicks. Adding negative keyword will also help with quality score.

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Landing page guide coverLearn 4 software tools our staff use for our clients to create landing pages faster.

Write The Perfect Google Ads for your roofing company

Writing the perfect Google Ad copy has 3 headlines (30 chars) and 2 description lines (90 chars) and must always include the keyword phrase that the person is searching for in the ad. To get the best results I always suggest you write 3 ad versions for each ad group. This way Google can test each ad version for you and will automatically use the best performing ad for you.

To write your first ad you will need to start by writing 3 headlines, Google joins these headlines together on one line.

roofing ads headline example

Alway use at least 1 keyword phrase in the headline, if possible join the keyword phrases together like “Roof Makeover” and “Roof Restoration”.  

Next, to write the 2 ad descriptions using just 90 characters per description. Start by looking at your landing page when a person clicks on it for ideas. This will ensure that your ad matches and uses similar wording as your ad.

google ad description for roofing customers

Lastly, you are to add the landing page URL

google instructions for roofing ads

Well done! You have written your first Google Ad. Now write 2 other versions of the ad, this will help with testing by allowing Google to test your different versions to work out which of the ads is the best for your roof advertising.

The Right Google Ads Setting For Your Roofing Company

For any Google campaign, there are 4 main settings: Networks, Audience, Language and Budget.

  1. Always select Search Network, do not use the Display Network when using the method that I have listed above. (Search Network will display your ad on the Google search page, while Display Network will show your ad on videos like YouTube and on mobile apps).
  2. Choose the audience location, you can select any country, region, city or subject. You can also type in the postcode or zip code to narrow down where you want to show your ads. Remember to include all suburbs near your location. Remember, the Google Ads Training Guide shows how you can adjust the location in more detail.
  3. Let “English” for language

setting the location for google ads

Next, you will want to set the daily budget for your campaign. The goal is to collect enough clicks to test our ads and keyword performance. Here I suggest you set the daily budget to $10 per day, this works out to be $300 per month.

Then select Maximize Clicks.

instruction on setting google ads budget

Now you can click finish, and your Google Ads campaign will be created and will start running. Just note, it normally takes about 24 hours before you will start to see any results.

Optimizing Google Ads For Roofing Leads

Optimising Google Ads does not need to be complex if you follow a few rules.

  • Always review results when you have enough data to review, Google Ads b2b lead generation is faster and cheaper to test an idea than if you were to use telemarketing or ask people to do a survey. This way you are testing your campaign and have a higher chance of getting new sales at the same time. So your goal is to wait until you get 100 people to click on your ad.
  • Just check the campaign 24 hours after you start to make sure your ads were approved by Google.
  • Each week go into Google Ads and check the number of clicks, when you get at least 100 clicks you use the following to guide you.
    • If the click-through rate (CTR) is below 2%, you will need to rewrite your ads.
    • If the click-through rate (CTR) is approx 4% or higher, then you have mastered the Google Ads.

There are more tactics you can use to increase your lead generation for roofing leads, so if you would like to learn more about Google Ads Training course here.


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