Close Your Dream Sales Easily With These 3 Video Types

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You don’t have to wait until the end of the conversation to close a sale – you must start from the beginning.  Now, let’s try to define what a dream sale is.  Unfortunately, there are no specific definitions.  You know why?  Because it is your business.  Like we all have various life goals, the same applies to dream sales.

However, from a personal perspective, I can relate a dream sale to just working with a client that is simple and fun to engage, with such engagement leading to a win-win situation for both of us in the end. 

So, why are we using videos to close sales?  Videos have always been a powerful method of passing ideas, and with the advancement of technology, it is even much better.  We used to be restricted to just words via letters and newspaper adverts.  Although words remain relevant, it is not the ultimate communication medium.

A video, for example, a one-on-one live engagement, allows you to project your voice and appearance at the same time.  Plus, we put in words that lighten up the conversation and highlights its importance. The attention is bigger and better, all because it is in real time.  Right at that moment, you can get the feedback from your client or prospect, and the flexibility that comes with such a conversation gives you a higher chance of winning the client over.

Despite all these perks and potentials, the downside of one-on-one sales is the fact that you have to be there in person.  However, with advancements in technology and mobile devices, and the advent of video marketing, you do not have to be there to close a one-on-one sales meeting.

When we talk about video marketing tactics, note that it is only related to one to one communication, and not as an extensive marketing tool.  Now, there are three proven video styles in the world of sales.  But before we discuss them, let us take a look at these helpful tools.  Note that it is advisable to get the paid and streamlined version – the free versions are usually clumsy.  These tools include;

  • offers a free product called GoVideo, which is linked with Gmail.
  • You can create your video via YouTube and upload it on the platform as a private video. This ensures that the video is open to only the people with the link.
  • Hubspot – the paid version. This product offers all these tools built into the CRM system and ensures that the entire process runs smoothly.

Moving forward, let’s look at the three video styles to close your dream sale.

1. First Touch

After securing your prospects, the next thing is to start an engagement.  And this is where email comes handy as a vital tool.  Without spamming, you can target your potential client with an irresistible offer.  Ordinarily, a pitch email will contain three or four paragraphs. But with voice and imagery, you can go ahead to talk to that prospect for that first time – something that is impossible with just words.

Check the two images below, from

Before (with words only)


After (combining words, imagery, and voice)

Dream sales

The “after” thumbnail above shows the seller holding a whiteboard on which the name of the prospect is written.  Let me quickly tell you this – knowing your prospect’s first name can give you a strong edge in marketing, considering that this is a very crucial word in their world.  It is now left to you to leverage this powerful information appropriately.

2.Check-in Videos

If after the first contact, you felt like doing a follow up by just checking on them, you could send them a white paper or an eBook instead of the conventional mail line – “Hi, how are you doing?”  Even at this, some clients get discouraged from reading the whitepapers sometimes, especially when they are quite long. 

So, what is the way forward?  Create an exclusive video that is tailored to a personalised message about the white paper, and customised for that prospect only.  Then, send it to them.  For instance, you could say “Hello. Kindly check the guide, as I have included the best ways I think we can come up with a solution to the challenge at hand.”  Something like that.

3. Follow Up

Business engagements tend to slow down considerably or even stop sometimes, and you will need to reignite it with a follow-up. So, you will need a message to ask for the progress so far, or if the prospect requires something else from you. 

While the break may be due to the nature of the product or service – perhaps it involves a collective decision and ultimately needs more time, some customers just naturally take their time to respond to deliberations.

Now that you have agreed that a follow up is necessary in such cases; how do you get it right? You can make the video about making a check in to ask about the progress.  In that case, lines like “Hello, any thoughts?” or “Where do we stand” all come handy in making your videos.  Just make them as short and precise as possible.

With videos, we have a couple of fresh communication means.  However, the results depend on how well we can use the videos in finding and convincing our dream customer, who will ultimately fetch us the dream sale.  You will only make a dream sale happen if you put yourself in the shoes of the customer and try to sell to them like you would want to be sold to.

Good luck! 

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