6 Tools to Turbocharge Your Content and Inbound Marketing

December 5, 2017
David McMahon

David McMahon

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The issues of content marketing today, it’s very much a manual process.  That being said content marketing is a system. Its broken up into different elements.  You’ll start to see you can systematize your content creation using the tools that I’m mentioning here today. Each little tool can save you five minutes and when you add up all the tools combined, that’s when you really to save time.

I do get the comment from people that, “but it costs money.” Well how much do you value your own time? As a business owner, you can all fall into trap of not valuing your time. If you value your time $5 an hour all these tools will be expensive, the truth is your time is worth more like $50 - $60 an hour. 

If there’s a tool that might cost $50 a month that can save you three or four hours, then it is a great value.

Let's  run through 6 cool tools to turbocharge your content marketing right now. 

1. Buffer

Inbound Marketing crm Buffer

Buffer is a social media tool which allows you to aggregate all of your social media channels. For most business owners, you typically only going to have four or five channels that you are actively working on at any one time.

Buffer is a great way for you to schedule all of your posts across all channels to give you more time to focus on your business. What I love is it allows you to que your posts to be scheduled out in a que order. Once you set the time all you need to add the content to the que. 


2. Sumo

Sumo tool

Sumo awesome for converting visitors to your website using pop-ups.  Now many people do say they hate pop-up, but when it comes down to results they work. That’s all I can say, It does help your conversion rates of your website.

They provide a great library of pop-ups that you can use and will configure to just about any website like WordPress. It costs about $29 USD a month, just keep in mind you’re paying because they make the technology very, very simple for you to implement. You don't have to rely on web developers to do those funky pop-ups.

A word of warning with pop-ups, don’t overdo them.  Subtlety is always better rather than have that, in your face.

Also have a look at HubSpot Marketing Free,  I do a lot of work with HubSpot and this is a very good starting point for business owners who are wanting to connect their website to the CRM system. HubSpot Marketing Free well worth checking out for pop-up and it is free. You pay $50 USD a month, that remove all of their branding. 


3. Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach Tools

Ninja Outreach is an advanced tool for people who are wanting to do a lot of back linking.

Backlinking is getting links from other websites to yours and will help your overall SEO ranking. The problem is finding authentic websites to encourage them to give a link to you.  Ninja Outreach is a really cool tool that allows you to find the opportunities or the influencers for you to approach, then it helps you with the tracking.

It’s like a simple CRM system to allow to keep track of who have you contacted, who’ve you sent messages to, and if they’ve responded. Because these things can take time and a number of interactions, Ninja Outreach helps consolidate all of that for you.


4. Mailchimp 


I’ve mentioned this quite often, MailChiump it’s not new. But I really do love as an entry level email marketing for businesses.  They are  done a lot of great work in the functionality of marketing automation. Making it easier setting up auto-respondent of your email list, so that if somebody buys a product from your shop, this can send out emails to them in an automated way.


5. Pushwoosh


 is a new tool to make it easier to use push notifications for your website. The notifications are very similar to the one that you get on your smartphone where you get a notification from the app about new features, updates etc. This is designed for websites to allow you to push a notification to the visitors who’ve agreed to it and the notification pops up in their browser and works for Chrome, Fire Fox, or Safari.

It’s a great way to get people to come back, always remember push notifications should have a benefit for your visitors.  A few other tools are One Signal and Pushcrew.


6. Pocket

Pocket crm inbound marketing

Pocket is a mobile phone app for Android and iPhone to makes it easy for you to share third-arty content with your social media followers. It is very easy to bookmark articles that you’ve read that you want to share with your followers.

It works seamlessly with Buffer and schedule it to go out to your social media channels as a recommendation. A great way to share third-party content on your social media and keeps your fans involved, interested, and engaged.


That’s it for now, why not share your content tool tip here.

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