5 Free Google Tools All Business Owners Should Use

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My five free Google tools all business owners should be using.

We know Google to be the search engine of choice and know about using AdWords to help you get more leads for your business. However I really want to focus on and giving you 5 tools that are going to help your back office to automate those processes. Both for your business and helping you with your clients and get more leads.


1. Google Forms


5 Free Google Tools


Google forms has been around for some time and it’s been getting more powerful. It’s easy to set up and great way to ask for extra information from your clients.

I’m get people filling out Google form to get extra information faster. You can use this on a iPad or send it to them via email. And all of their responses are stored into a Google sheet for you. All the information is together to start delivering the services.

Other potential tasks could be doing a quick survey, complete an application or replace any other paper form can be replaced by using Google forms. Once its set up, share it everywhere via computer, tablet, mobile phone. I would challenge you to find a place where you couldn’t use it in the business.


2. Google My Business App.


google business app


Google My Business App makes it easier for business owners to list their business on Google Maps. Go to the Apple Store or Google Play to download the app onto your phone. You will need a Google account to register.

If you’ve never register your business on Google maps you will need to verify your business listing. Google will send you by post a verification code which you’ve got to enter to validate your business listing before it will go-live. Note if you are a micro-business working from home and you don’t want your address to be displayed on the internet there is an option in the app to not display.

I highly recommend you use images of the inside of the office, the staff inside the shop or office and outside the office. Include photos of your products and services to give people an idea of what you do and put them up onto your Google listing.


3. Google Merchant


Google Merchant


Google Merchant is important for retailers. There is a new feature that Google is offering to customers to find where they can buy a product in-store or online. There any many people wanting to buy the product by visiting the shop but they want to know that product is in-stock. This is a really powerful method for you to tap into the this type of customer.

However this feature can only work if give access to Google about what products and available stock in-store by using Google Merchant. Many of the shopping carts like Shopify and Big Commerce are making this easier and provide the feature to link you product feeds to Google Merchant. This is a big feature I would encourage all retailers to defiantly implement now.


4. Google Mobile-friendly Test


Google Mobile-friendly Test


One thing we need to be responsible to understand that our website is our shop. And if it’s not mobile-friendly, we’re screwed. Quite often business owners expect their web developer / web designer to be testing all of these things. The trouble is, it is like expecting the cleaner to clean the shop properly every time. If you don’t check, how do you know?

So it is good to do checks yourself because things can slip through the cracks. And that’s why it’s important because your website is your shop. If it’s not working your customers are going to move on and you may not know.

When you’re putting up your products online, check to make sure its visible and it’s all looking good jump over to Google Mobile-friendly test here and copy the web link to test the page.


5. Google Digital Garage


 Google Digital Garage


In the world of technology, knowledge is key and is widely available to all of us on the internet. Google Digital Garage is a place where Google, other institutions and experts are placing their courses online for free.

If you are a novice to the whole world of digital marketing this is a great place to go and learn. And if you’ve been in the digital world for some time, remember we’re living in a world of constant change. What was working three years ago is not valid today. So, it’s up to you, as a business owner, to stay up-to-date.


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