4 Simple Habits Will Make Your Social Media Scrolling Profitable

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Dozing off on Instagram, Facebook or whatever your favorite Social Media may be is becoming second nature for everyone nowadays.

With all sorts of content in the palm of our hands at every given moment of our days, it’s incredibly easy for our attention to wander towards content we’re attracted to, and it’s even easier to consume said content.

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We used to say “it’s a generational thing”, but now each generation has its own platforms, where it’s easier to interact with likeminded people and the content available is tailored to that specific userbase.

“Wasting time” is barely wasting time at all, because for every conversation we’re part of, for every picture we like or for every opinion piece that we read we have the opportunity to learn something.

Once we make the realization that behind each article there’s a writer, behind each photo there’s a camera and someone manning the camera, we’re ready to take the next step towards becoming a Social Media Leader.

Why is that, you may ask?

The answer is because that will be your first step towards internalization.

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The next time you find yourself gravitating towards a social media post, ask yourself why. Why that post in particular? Why now, and why do you like it?

Once you’re ready to give yourself an answer, you’ll know what strikes a chord with you, and people like yourself.

Conversely, we’ve all asked ourselves “why is this specific thing, that I don’t personally care for, popular?”

While it’s important to know what you like, it’s just as important to know what resonates with others around us.

Remember, if something is popular on Social Media they’re doing something right.

That “something” may not necessarily be in the message, but rather in its presentation.

The fact of the matter is, however, that if something is popular with people that enjoy the same things as you, that might be the key for you to start deeply understanding your peers.

Within the context of a specific social media, we’re all similar but different.

Something brought both you and many others to choose that specific platform, and that is a point you all have in common, and understanding both what you share and what makes you different from those around you will allow you to elevate yourself and set you on the path of Leadership.

The content creator leads, the readers follow.

Whether it’s saying something first or saying it the loudest, a leader separates themselves from the pack.

A leader will make his/her voice heard, and will gather followers who share their opinions.

With that in mind, Rome wasn’t built in a day and very few individuals became leaders overnight.

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A content creator will be in a position of power, but they will need to tend to their audience, grow then and nurture them like a crop.

If people agree with something it’s because they feel listened to, and that should give you a hint on what to do next.

Be active, feel the flow, listen to individuals and their opinions.

You can’t stop listening to the voices that gave you your power. This doesn’t mean agreeing with everything everyone tells you, but leading is about giving and taking.

The voices of those around you will tell you what to focus your energy on, and what content would be best for you to learn about.

All knowledge exists in some form, but how widespread that knowledge is, is where the power lies.

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Become a translator.

I never believed that certain people were unable to learn about certain subjects. I always thought that they perhaps just needed to hear about them in the right language.

Consider for example a Doctor, a General Practitioner. The knowledge they’ve accumulated in their studies is immense, and their job is explaining to their patients what’s wrong with them right now.

The language they need to use cannot rely on years of studies that their patients didn’t undertake, however if the symptoms are visible to those patients they’ll want to know what those symptoms mean.

In many ways, this is the root of content production.

Developing a deep learning of a specific subject will let you open the doors to this knowledge to others.

You are a facilitator, and doing your job well will inherently expand your audience and attract more readers.

Isn’t that what all businesses want?

See, if you’re able to develop an audience for something that you’re passionate about, that skillset will transfer with incredible ease.

You’re passionate about your Business, aren’t you? If it’s your Business, then you’re the leader already.

This means that you’ve already positioned yourself at the top of the food chain, and you just need to share your passion in a way that will attract others towards you.

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